Registro de Dominios .gt.


Why register your domain name with us?

  • Organization geographically based in Guatemala.
  • More availability of domain names compared with generic registrars.
    • You can write your domain name correctly in Spanish with an IDN.
    • Second Level domain names (directly under .gt) allow you to:
      1. Not be categorized under a subdomain.
      2. Have a shorter domain name.
  • Reservation of a domain name for 4 calendar days.
  • Activation of domain name within a maximum of 4 working hours after the payment is processed.
  • Registration of ONE domain name at no cost to legally accredited institutions in:

    • Education (
    • Government (
    • Army (

    Irrefutable proof of belonging to the corresponding sector is required.
  • Technical support for domain name registrations in English and Spanish.
  • Personalized telephone support for domain name registrations, during office hours:

    • Monday to Friday:
      07:00 a 13:00 y de 14:00 a 17:00 (GMT-6)
    • Saturday:
      08:00 a 12:00 (GMT-6)
  • Payment can be made by:
    1. Credit Card (through this site)
    2. At our office at 18 Ave. 11-95 Zona 15, V.H. III. Office II2-108.
    3. Monetary deposit at Banco Industrial.
    4. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
    5. View more details...
  • Ability to pay several years of registration in advance.
  • Email support: