Registro de Dominios .gt.
  • 1/January [Monday] : New Year.
  • 28 - 30/March : Holy Week.
  • 1/May [Wednesday] : Labor Day.
  • 1/July [Monday] : Army Day.
  • 15/August [Thursday] : Assumption Day .
  • 15/September [Sunday] : Independence Day.
  • 20/October [Sunday] : Revolution Day.
  • 1/November [Friday] : All Saints Day.
  • 24/December [Tuesday] : Christmas Eve.
  • 25/December [Wednesday] : Christmas.
  • 31/December [Tuesday] : New Year's Eve.
  • 1/January/2025 [Wednesday] : New Year.


About Us

The administration of the country code Top Level Domain .GT (ccTLD) is the sole entity in charge of mantaining the registry of Internet domain names with the country code assigned to Guatemala.

In 1992, the "Internet Assigned Numbers Authority" (IANA) delegated to the Universidad del Valle Guatemala (hereinafter UVG) the stewardship of country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) ".gt".



In 1990 Mr. Luis R. Furlán, director of the Center for Applied Computer Studies (CEIA) within the Research Institute of Universidad del Valle de Guatemala (UVG), began searching for a more efficient and economical to maintain contact with fellow researchers abroad. At that time, traditional forms of communication were:

  • the telephony
  • the telegrams
  • the faxes

These forms did not fully met...



  • Organization geographically based in Guatemala.
  • More availability of domain names compared with generic registrars.
    • You can write your domain name correctly in Spanish with an IDN.
    • Second Level domain names (directly under .gt) allow you to:
      1. Not be categorized under a subdomain.
      2. Have a shorter domain name.
  • Technical support for domain name registrations in English and Spanish.
  • Personalized telephone support for...